Quick-Tap Ordering
Ring up customers and take payments fast with our easy Quick-Tap design.

Visible Order Journal
Track each order as it builds from items to receipt, complete with price, modifiers, and notes.

Staff Profiles
Filter orders by staff member and work from multiple tills on one device. 

Individual Seats
Easily take and organize an order by seat.

Split Items
Assign items to more than one seat to split the bill evenly.

Item Modifiers
Add modifier notes to items, like "No Cheese," "Add Soy," or "Medium Rare."

Suspend Orders
Start an order or tab then put it on hold to add more items later. 

Order Types
Label an order as Dine-in, To-Go, or Delivery.

Order Notes
Add notes to an order like "Mike" or "Pick up at 12:30" for added information. 



Four Payment Labels
Record cash, check, credit card, and gift cards.

Accept Credit Cards
Currently integrate with Heartland Payment Systems to process credit cards. To get started, just fill out this form.

Apply Multiple Payments
Accept combinations of cash, check, credit card, gift certificate, and Dwolla for a single order. 

Split Checks
Merge and split bills by seat without much fuss.

Dwolla Integration*
Sign in with your Dwolla account and accept payment right from within the Change Register. *Internet connection required.

Void & Refund
Void orders and refund payments with ease. 

Apply discounts to single items (with modifier notes) or whole orders (during checkout).

International Currency Support
Curious if your currency will work? Check out this list or contact us.  



Email Receipts
Send customer receipts via email.

Customers Checks
Instantly produce customer checks with full order details. All on a customized receipt.

Kitchen Tickets
Generate instant kitchen tickets with detailed order notes and modifiers.

Custom Receipts
Add a logo, header, and footer to customize your receipt.


Credit Card Receipts
For accepting credit card signatures and tips.



Automatic Printing
Print receipts and kitchen tickets automatically.

Print On-Demand
Print or email receipts on demand. 

Printer Status
Troubleshoot printers and identify connection errors right from the app.

Printer Settings
Enable printers to only print certain types of receipts from specific devices.

Remote Kitchen Printing
Print from anywhere in your network - no cords, cables, or wires required.  


Insights & Analytics

Online Dashboard
Glean insights into your sales stats from anywhere with this online data hub.

Real-Time Stats
Track your sales in real time with automatic syncing between the Change Register and Dashboard.


Sales Stats
Understand your sales stats with five different reports: Transactions, Payment, Discounts, Top Sellers, and Items.

Revenue Stats
Get instant, comprehensive tax rate reports.


Accounting & Reports 

Print and Email Reports
Reconcile accounts by printing or emailing reports right from the Change Register.

Organize and view reports by session on the Change Dashboard.

Multiple Tills
Use multiple tills to keep the register open while you swap out or balance the drawer.

.CSV Export
Export Comma Separated Value (CSV) reports from the Change Dashboard for accurate accounting.

Multi Session Reports 

Export reports for several dates or a whole month at a time. 




Track your tax rates with different Department labels. For example, "Food" and "Alcohol."

Tax Rates
Assign each item a tax rate with the Department label feature.


Ultra Flexible Screen Layout
Set up your menu by time of day, by menu, or any way you choose.

Item Images and Colors
Add images and colors to your menu for easy visual recognition.

Bundle items into Groups in your screen layout. For example, "Lunch" could house several lunch items.

Group Colors
Assign colors to Group icons for easy visual recognition. 



Free 14-day Trial
Try full-featured Change for free for 14 days. No credit card required.

Automatic Billing
Sign up once and take the worry out of it. Subscribe to Change automatic billing at http://change.io/user/login. 

Unlimited iPads
Operate Change from 1, 2, 3, or more terminals or stations for no additional per-device fee.

In-App Extension
Add one month of subscription at a time with the in-app extension.

Unlimited Items
Extend (or edit) your menu freely with unlimited item creation on your Change Register. 

Unlimited Transactions
Grow your business unrestrained. We won't charge you percentages of your success.

Unlimited Pages
Build unlimited pages on your Change Register menu. 


Backup & Sync

Works Offline*
Use your Change Register anywhere, even without an internet connection. Your data will save to the Register and sync automatically once you reconnect. *Dwolla requires an internet connection.

Cloud Backup
Never miss a beat with Change Cloud Backup. Even if your equipment gets lost, broken, or damaged, you can retrieve all past reports from the Cloud and keep on rolling. Enjoy security and peace of mind knowing all your data is backed up to the Change Cloud. 

Cloud Sync
Whether it's lunch rush or day's end, your reports will be ready and viewable from any internet connected device thanks to automatic Cloud Syncing between your Register and Dashboard.



7am to 7pm Phone, Live Chat, Email Support
Get the help you need from 7 am to 7 pm CST by phone, live chat and email support. 

Help Center
Find how-to videos, FAQs, and manuals any time in the Help Center.