Change Point of Sale Hardware and Accessories

Point of Sale Terminal includes a Heckler Design Windfall iPad Stand, an APG Cash Drawer, and Epson Printer.
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$ 499

Make Change even more powerful by adding a stand, printer, and cash drawer. You can get all these accessories for as little as $499. Just fill out the form at the bottom of this page for your own custom quote.


Windfall iPad Stand

The Windfall iPad Stand by Heckler Design is designed specifically for point of sale systems. Its base rests comfortably on any surface, and holds the iPad at an angle comfortable for cashiers. The stand can also be bolted into the counter, while still maintaining the ability to pivot and slide. It features a Kensington lock slot, and is assembled with tamper-resistant screws, providing excellent security. This simple and functional design comes in a variety of colors.

Best Point of Sale iPad Stand by Heckler Design Windfall iPad Stand ePOS 
Epson Thermal Receipt Printer TM-T88V and Epson TM-T20 Receipt Printer Ideal for Point of Sale Industry

Epson Thermal Receipt Printer

The Epson TM-T88V and Epson TM-T20 receipt printers offer a level of speed and reliability that is unmatched in the point of sale industry. They provide the ability to control a cash drawer, and connect to any network via ethernet cable. Receipts pop out in under a second, giving your checkout process a whole new level of speed.

Depending on your printing needs, we can help select the best option for your business.


APG Cash Drawer

Our neighbors in Minnesota make a line of cash drawers that go together like peas and carrots with Change. Each drawer's durable steel frame includes roller bearing suspension rails, making it resistant to damage. The electronic lock keeps contents safe, while media slots on the front allow for additional storage.

APG Cash Drawer Built For Heavy Point of Sale Use for POS Terminals ePOS Restaurant

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