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Got an iPad? Well, that's all you'll need to set up Change. No need to spend hours hovering over a computer or cash register. Just grab your iPad, a cup of coffee, and before you can say "hot diggity," you'll be ready to roll.


Speedy Item Creation

Entering all your items and menu can be a drag. We've designed our creation workflow for maximum speediness. Select a department, name your item, give it a price, select a color, and repeat. It's that easy. 

Create Departments and Menu Items For Your Restaurant Cash Register App
Retail Departments and Tax Rates Makes Online Accounting Easy

Departments and Tax Rates

We're pretty sure departments will make your accountant happy. Not only will they help you track sales, but they make it easy to assign tax rates to different groups of items. 



Flexible Screen Layout

You're the boss. This means you can lay out screens however you'd like. Want different screens for brunch, lunch, and happy hour? You can do that. Want to place a group of draft beers on your breakfast screen? We won't judge.  

Menu Screens Make Change Flexible Restaurant POS Software and POS System

Anatomy of Quick-Tap Ordering


Not All Orders Are Created Equal

A customer's order isn't always cut and dry. We've made it so "I forgot my wallet" or "hold the onions" are no big deal.
Our goal is to help your staff be confident and stress-free.

Modify Menu Items and Orders on Cash Register App and Mobile Point of Sale

Modifiers and Notes

Customize items and orders with modifiers and notes. Be it extra ingredients, special prep instructions, or a customer's name. Modifiers and notes are incredibly flexible.

Suspend Orders and Start Customer Tabs For Your Bar or Restaurant POS Point of Sale Terminal 

Suspend Orders

Pause an order with a single tap. To start a tab, add a note to the order, like a customer's name, to help keep you organized.

Digital Email Receipts For Customers Point of Sale Software POS System Restaurant POS

Email Receipts

Save paper by emailing receipts to customers. Change sends a happy little email to their inbox from you with a detailed receipt of their order.


See Stats Super Fast

Data equals insight and we put it all at your fingertips. Make better decisions, strengthen your business, and stay ahead of the game.

Online Dashboard For Online Reporting and Small Business Accounting Automatic Billing

Change Dashboard

Access your online dashboard anywhere online to see currently synced stats and figures. You can even export session reports.


Print and Email Reports For Online Accounting From Online Dashboard iPad Point of Sale

Print and Email Reports

Get an idea of how you're doing at any moment by printing or emailing reports directly from your iPad. 


Epson Printer For iPad Point of Sale Restaurant POS Bar POS Kitchen Tickets

Hardware & Accessories

To use Change, all you need is an iPad, but a receipt printer and cash drawer might also come in handy. Not sure what you need? Well, head on over to our hardware page for more info.

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