If you’re a restaurant or small business, about half of your local searches are performed on mobile devices - so you’ve got to make sure your website is mobile-friendly. Here’s a short list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to your website:


Make sure your website can tell if a user is on a mobile device. Nobody should have to squint or pinch-to-zoom to find information on your website. Your website should be able to sense whether a user is on a mobile device, and format itself accordingly with buttons and links big enough for sausage-fingered users.

Mobile Websites A

Make your location and contact info clickable. It needs to be easy for your customers to contact you, so be sure your number is accessible at the tap of a finger. If you’re including a map, don’t just use an image - make sure your map connects to services like Google Maps. That way, potential customers can easily find directions to your place.

Mobile Websites B

Use mobile incentives. Put special codes or coupons on your mobile-only website. For example: “Use this mobile code and receive free takeout delivery!” This way, you’re rewarding users for looking you up on their smartphones.

Test your website. When you’ve made your website mobile-friendly, make sure it looks and acts the way you want. Look your business up on every device you can get your hands on - smartphones, tablets, fancy e-readers, and so on. Check your website, profiles on social networks, and even email newsletters. Ensure that everything is easily legible and that your all information is up-to-date.


Over-complicate. Keep the bells and whistles to a minimum! People in a hurry don’t want to get bogged down by information they don’t want or need. Avoid lengthy blocks of text, celebrity endorsements, chef autographs, or ambient smooth jazz.  Make sure you’ve got the basics: location, hours, menu, and prices.

Use Flash videos. iPhone users can’t access Flash videos - and you’d be cutting out a full third of smartphone users.

Have a ton of high-res images. This may seem counterintuitive - after all, everybody loves food porn - but images take a long time to load, especially in places with low wireless signals. Long loading times could lead to customers getting fed up and looking elsewhere for food options. If you’re looking for inspiration, you can find a ton of mobile-friendly website examples at Graphic Design Junction and Underworld Magazines.

Just remember: keep your layout simple, mobile-friendly, and bloat-free!

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