Google Floor Plans Google Maps just released an update that should be of particular interest to business owners with public locations not located on a ground-floor or located within a larger structure such as a mall. You can now upload floor plans (photos, blueprints, or whatever is available) and arrange and pin them to an existing address on Google Maps. Google is just now testing out this feature, so the only people who will be able to access your floor plan are Google Maps for Android users. While that may sound limited, Android phones currently make up just over 50% of the global smartphone market. Translation: a lot of people looking up your business on their mobile phones will have access to this feature.

This is one of those you-need-it-or-you-don't features, but if customers ever have trouble finding your business after they get inside a main entrance or hop off the elevator, Google Maps Floor Plans could really save the day.

This video from Google explains the process of adding a floor plan:

Not sure where to get a floor plan? Check the file cabinet for paperwork from when you originally leased or purchased your location. If you sublet or simply weren't involved in acquiring the space, consider talking to your landlord or other business owners in your building to see if they have any ideas.

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