THE GOOD NEWS The date is set. We are launching Change to the public on November 12. What does that mean? Anyone interested in using Change can sign up, start taking orders, and forget cash registers ever existed.

THE BETTER NEWS We’re putting together a demo menu for our launch and we want your help. Our plan is to populate the demo with images from our community, because stock photos like this are awesome, but we think you guys can do better.

So all those Instagrams of sandwiches and shots of killer meals from your favorite restaurant WILL FINALLY go to good use.

Here's What We Have

Blank Demo Screen

Here's What We Need

Burger From FancyAbby

Each week, we’ll post a recap of all the best photos. Our favorites will end up in the final Change demo, which will be ready for the world to see on November 12. So send us those photos! We all know you love taking pictures of your tasty adventures.

Your Assignment This Week


STEP 1: Take pictures of anything between two pieces of bread or find ones you’ve already taken.

STEP 2: Name these masterpieces. If it’s your own creation, give it a name. If it’s from a restaurant, send us the name of the restaurant and what they call it.

STEP 3: Send your photos to or tweet the photo with a name and the hashtag #ChangeNoms

STEP 4: Internet fame. Well, close. Check back next Monday to see what photos of yours made it in the recap and get next week’s assignment.

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AuthorAmanda Morrow