We're extending a hearty welcome to the newest addition to the Change family: Mother Goose Interiors & Coffee Shop! They're a home furnishings retail establishment and coffee shop in Macclesfield, England - a whole ocean away from our Des Moines office!

Mother Goose 2

Mother Goose ships home furnishings all over the world, but in-store shoppers can treat themselves to delightful snacks, drinks, and light lunches.

Thomas Murphy from Mother Goose reached out to us after an extensive search online for a point of sale system. "Change was exactly what we were looking for!" he enthused via email. "It fit in all of the day-to-day tasks that a big chunky POS terminal did, but it jammed all these features into an app that could be used on an iPad to make the shop look less cluttered and a whole lot more elegant!"

Mother Goose 3

To learn more about Mother Goose, check out their online shop and Facebook page.

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