About Change

Change is a cash register app for the iPad. It was launched in 2012 on the belief that a business owner's point of sale system should help them grow their business, not hold them back.

Our goal at Change is to empower business owners with better information, peace of mind, and stronger connections with their customers. From customizable settings and easy-to-use workflows, to instant reports and reliable analytics, Change makes it easy to start, run, and expand your business.

Change is built by BitMethod, a independent, privately-held company in Des Moines, Iowa. BitMethod has been crafting mobile apps since 2008.

The Change Credo

Our credo represents our approach toward our craft, our colleagues, and our customers. It's less of a guide or manual, and more of an attitude or philosophy.

Meet the Change Crew

Igor Dobrosavljevic, COO of Change - Best iPad Cash Register App and Mobile Point of Sale

Igor Dobrosavljević


When Igor met partners Dan and Neil in 2008, the dream of entrepreneurship became BitMethod, Grand Consulting, and, now, Change. Every day, Igor keeps Change running behind the scenes. An immigrant twice over, first to Germany and then the United States, Igor says, "I am used to working hard to get where I want to go."  

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Neil Roberts, Change Development - Best iPad Cash Register App and Mobile Point of Sale

Neil Roberts


Neil writes the code that gives Change flight. As a fan of practicality and optimism, Neil uses his 7+ programming languages to unearth potential in even the gnarliest coding challenge.  Quoting Fitzgerald, Neil is able "to see that things are hopeless and yet be determined to make them otherwise." His inspirations? Disney World and coffee. 

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