And just like that, a fresh new batch of features are out of the oven and ready for your enjoyment. Here's a taste of what's new in the latest version of Change.

Void and Refund Orders

We know you and your customer never make mistakes, but just in case, you can now void or refund orders. Just tap the orders tab in the top action bar and select the order you'd like to edit.

Change Refund and Void Orders

Easy Group Editing

During testing, we noticed people struggling to edit groups. Not anymore! Tap a group while editing screen layouts and it will now give you the option to move or edit the group. You can also now edit the group's name and color or delete the group entirely on the edit group screen.

Change Easier Group Editing
Change Edit Group Name and Color

New In-App Purchase To Extend Plan

Need to extend your plan in a pinch? No problem! You can now do this right within the app. Just make your way over to the settings screen and purchase a month extension on your plan.

Change In-App Purchase

Create Account In App

You probably already have an account, but what about everyone else? Well, now your friends can create accounts right within the app. It's faster and will save them hundreds of seconds!

Change Create Account

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AuthorAmanda Morrow